There Is Life Beyond The Phone

by Teresa Jennings

Most of us are guilty of overusing our smart phones. So much to see, to hear, to read, to look up, to share; we can control our lights, our locks, our thermostats, our bank accounts, and so much more! But at what cost? It's all so recent, we don't really know yet. One thing we do know is that we are not actually looking at and seeing the world around us as well as we used to. Is that good or bad? It's certainly fodder for a discussion at least.

To help you bring up the subject, we have provided this humorous song that asks us to "Put it down, look around." The four-on-the-floor pop rock groove is compelling and contagious, but the real fun comes from the melody and lyrics. First there are the quirky little echoes singers get to do. The volume drops down to mezzo piano for these on the fly, keeping the tempo pounding forward. The effect is pretty cool. (Don't be too surprised if you hear kids singing this part outside of music class.) Then there's the lighthearted commentary. We suggest using a different person for each spoken solo every two bars, but you can do what works for you. Let them ham it up a bit, acting amazed at their "discoveries" once they get their noses out of their phones. (Good luck with that.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.