All Is Well

by Teresa & Paul Jennings

Part of our musical mission has always been to try to help kids recognize the good and positive things in their lives. Toward that end, we often include songs of happiness, peace, gratitude, kindness, and so on. We also sometimes try to end the school year with such a song, hopefully leaving them (and you) with a smile as they go on their way. The song "All Is Well" is our contribution to that effort this year, though you may certainly use it any time. It's a very simple tune with a simple premise, stated rather sweetly in a unison song most kids should be able to learn readily. If you can, take the opportunity to talk with your kids about what makes them happy in their lives. It's a worthwhile conversation to have.

On the recording, we have a lovely, gentle orchestration that features a solo violinist (Phil Palermo) and violist (Mike Strauss), as well as our usual band of superb studio musicians. The solos are indicated on the piano/vocal score in cue size in case you wish to feature your own players in a live setting. The piano part itself is definitely easy enough to use this way as well.

This song is so memorable, if you use it in a performance, you might consider singing it through once, then doing it again and inviting your audience to join in. Provide the lyrics in a program or via projection.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.