Pumpernickel Polka

by Teresa Jennings

Complete silliness and fun. That's the goal of this novel little ditty. Though we must admit, any song that allows dancing a polka is okay in our book. (We live in Wisconsin, you know. The polka is our state dance and the "Beer Barrel Polka" is played during our pro baseball and basketball games!) But beer is not a kid-friendly topic, so we'll stick with pumpernickel here. Besides, it offers some fun alliteration and nonsense: pickle/penny, nickel/nanny, peanut/piggy, teapot/twiggy, and of course, the title itself.

The obvious way to use this song is for movement and/or dancing. There are many ways to do a polka, but it can be very basic and simple. It can be done with partners or individually. It can even be done in a line dance setting. If you need help devising your own routine, instructions can be readily found online. As always, be sure to check it out yourself first.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.