Bunny Parade

by David & Anne Ellsworth

Who doesn't love a bunny song – especially for Easter, springtime, or any celebration of nature or animals? With happy acoustic instruments strumming along, this is perfect for your youngest singers. It's a movement song that focuses not only on bunnies, but on marching. At the beginning, let students march along to the beat in place. Then, at the bridge (bar 21), they can march around the room, in a line, down the hall, or across the stage, just like a parade! With a route predetermined by you, of course. Also plan the path back to their chairs or starting places for the end of the song. Lead them yourself, or choose a leader to keep things less chaotic.

The cool marching snares and gospel choir singing "Oh, yeah!" behind them adds to the unique flavor and fun of it all. Be sure to turn up the volume and bring on the marching dance, complete with happy feet and swinging arms!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.