Everything Spring

by Teresa Jennings

Sweet and gentle like a warm spring breeze, this pleasant little tune fills our minds with the imagery of those delightful March and April days after the long, cold winter has finally ended. Ahhh. Just the sound of the birds at the beginning set the happy tone of days yet to come.

The easy-to-learn melody can be sung in unison throughout, if you wish. But it also works as a round, and that is how we have presented it on the recording. The first time through, it is all together, but splits into parts on the repeat. Note that the round starts just one bar later than the first part, so make sure singers are ready.

To add to the sweetness, we have added bells – handbells, if you like. Or you could use other C instruments like keyboards, mallets, recorders, even Boomwhackers®, played very lightly. The notes covered include low D, E, G, A, and B and are played both as individual lines and chords. The part is optional, and is doubled on the accompaniment track so that it's represented either way (or just for reinforcement). Still, if you can include it, we recommend trying.

Spring flowers bring it alive in the classroom! - As a natural extension of this song, artist Kristyn Johnson has created templates for your students to make a variety of different paper flowers. A little simple cutting, folding, taping, and gluing is all that's necessary to make a seasonal or even permanent display for the classroom to enjoy.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.