Winter, Oh Winter

by Mike Wilson

"Winter, Oh Winter" is right at that difficulty level that older choirs can pick up quickly, and middle aged ones can get with a little work. This is a 2-part song. And while part 2 is possibly optional (it's marked that way), both parts are important. Though if you really wanted to, you could rewrite the melody all in part 1 to make it a unison presentation. Still, we have isolated part 2 and put it on our web site so you can use it to teach the part.

With a full string orchestra complementing the acoustic instruments, this moves along in a waltz style. You won't be able to help but feel the waltz, especially in the bridge section. Verse one is unison. Verse two is where the fun begins. Keep those high notes hooty. In fact, you can keep the whole song choral-like if you prefer. Okay – we scooped some notes, but you can choose between the pop or choral approach. Whatever suits your choir. This song works both ways.

On the bridge, make sure to crescendo the ascending lines and at the end of the second line, soften it up so it sounds intimate going into the D.S. which is a repeat of verse two. The coda is an echo, back and forth thing to the end. And all that's left is to take a bow.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.