Valentine Tree

by Teresa Jennings

What's a Valentine tree, you ask? Not exactly a common thing (yet), it's simply a tree that you hang your Valentines on – cards, hearts, trinkets of affection, that sort of thing. It can be a living tree, small and in a pot (great for classroom use), or it could be an artificial tree, even a repurposed Christmas tree, whatever size seems right for your classroom or stage area.

While the melody and lyrics are certainly simple enough for your youngest singers, this little ditty has a couple of added extras that might make it a bit more universal: ukuleles and recorders! Both are optional, but they fit in nicely with the happy shuffle style. Ukuleles only need to know two chords, G and D7. Recorders are a little more challenging and use low D, E, G, A, and B. You will find extracted parts for these on page 41.

You'll love this crafty idea! - We have also included a special extension for this tune. Artist Kristyn Johnson has created a template and instructions for making a small Valentine tree your kids can make and decorate, too.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.