Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

by Teresa & Paul Jennings

This song is available as a single.

Super cute in a performance, this little swing tune would also be right at home in your classroom. It's very simple, not too long, and repeats logically. There's even a snappy showbiz ending, all of it highlighted by the cookin' jazz ensemble on the recording.

Of course, if you do use it in performance, be sure to make the highlight the big "kiss" that occurs periodically throughout. You can have your students either say "Mmmmwah," as they do the kissing gesture (hand to mouth, then out in front toward the audience as they "kiss"), or they could actually make a kissing sound.

Moving through the seasons! - Our choreographer, Melissa Schott, has come up with some sweet moves that will allow your young dancers to shine. As always, she suggests that you use her ideas however you like, adapting or changing freely to taste. You will find information which includes a video and PDF tutorial on our web site for free.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.