Blanco Es El Invierno

by Mike Wilson

With its complex rhythm patterns and a 6/4 meter, it may appear on the surface that "Blanco Es El Invierno" would be a difficult learn. However, you'll notice as you listen that, in contrast to the busy music bed, the vocal lines are slow-moving with easy intervals.

Of first concern is dealing with that 6/4 meter. An exercise that will quickly make it feel natural is to simply have your students listen while clapping each beat and counting out six beats per measure. By the time you get to measure 36, you'll have it! The song features the formulaic approach of an English verse, followed by a Spanish verse. A 2-part bridge sets us up for the wrap-up, English/Spanish verse three. For the Spanish pronunciation, we've included a pronunciation guide on our web site (as well as an isolated rehearsal track for part 2). If, however, you have some Spanish speaking students, by all means, learn from them. (See page 77 for details for downloading the extras.)

Please keep in mind, the vocals must be sung energetically to match the upbeat instrumental track. It would be easy to lay back into those long notes resulting in a lackluster presentation. So give it all you've got!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.