It's Not Just For Turkey

by Teresa Jennings

Thanksgiving means something different for everyone, most likely. Whether it's time off from school or work, family gatherings, sleeping in, eating too much, watching football, shopping on Black Friday... Well, you get the picture. But when all is said and done, the bottom line is, Thanksgiving is for gratitude. This is a message that bears repeating lest we all forget. Hopefully, this jaunty 2-part song will help us remember.

Usually, our second parts are optional, but in this case, the song really needs it to add the lighthearted fun. As always, invite older students or others to come help out with part 2 if needed. Isolated audio tracks for both parts are available at our web site for ease of learning.

There are two styles in this one song – the bubbly part and the smooth part. The bubbly part is meant to be sung with bounce and energy, implying excitement for the holiday weekend. By contrast, the smooth part is the gentle reminder that is sung with more reverence and seriousness. (Note the little hymn-like preview in the countermelody at bar 12.) Even the second part which is answering in a less-than-altruistic manner maintains the smoothness here. It's back to the bounciness for everyone on both the D.S. and then at the coda, which invites even more exuberance.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.