I Feel Like Fa La La La

by Teresa Jennings

This tune is exciting, challenging, musical, and really fun to perform! We hope that when you play it for your students, you turn it nice and loud so they get the full impact and joy of it. The subject of the song is feeling, specifically the feeling we get during "that time of year." The words offer a sense of familiarity and tradition which gives you the flexibility to use it for Christmas, holidays, or seasonal performances, as you need.

While it is written as a 2-part piece, there is an optional part 3 that comes in and out that adds a wonderful enhancement. If you wish to use it and are not quite able with your regular crew, consider asking other students, friends, parents, teachers, or whoever to come and join you to cover it. Make it a solo, duet, or small group if you want.

The energy of the tune comes not just from the voices, but from the rhythm. There is body percussion that is indicated on the music that really makes it even more electrifying when it's all put together. If you find this too difficult (or too easy), you can certainly alter it to work more appropriately with your students. The way we bring it in at measure 17 (while there is no singing) is actually written out in two parts. The two dovetail to form a very cool groove which continues once singing resumes. This is going to keep them on their toes for sure! If it's too much, again you could alter it, or you could assign the body percussion to a select group to perform while others do the singing. Note that it stops entirely during the section starting at measure 34 where everything – voices and accompaniment – goes "high." Really striking!

Learning the form of the tune is part of the challenge. The music has a number of indications, such as "sing 2nd & 4th times," which need to be noticed first, then applied. Repeats, endings, a D.S., a coda, not to mention the melodies, rhythms, and oh yeah, that body percussion – lots to pay attention to. Conquering this one will be very satisfying.

To be sure you have the tools you need to teach the parts, we have isolated them and put them on our web site for free download. But also because we thought it was just so much fun, we created an a cappella version of the song as well. As much as we enjoy the supremely tasteful accompaniment, we can see where kids would dig doing this without accompaniment, too. Whatever works!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.