Not Enough Snow

by David & Anne Ellsworth

Where's the snow? It's cold enough for it to fall, day and night. All the outdoor fun is not happening because, well, there's not enough snow! This primary song lets kids sing and say it like it is. When you live in a snow location and there just isn't any falling, those cold months are no fun. This rock tune helps to drive that sadness home with its melancholy, albeit cool, tone. The verse invites kids to list what "not enough snow" means to them, like building snow forts, snowmen, and sliding down hills. Add in a few solo comments, and you get the vibe. Note that the comments we used gently reference things that might be considered useful for holiday or Christmas performances, like jingle bells. But you can also substitute your own snowy activities and/or comments as you like to fit your own purpose more appropriately.

On the recording, the guitar leads the rhythm section in a mournful descant over the kids, while the balance of the band pulses the beat of a sad heart, discouraged by the drab grass. Is it festive yet?

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.