Meet Me At The Fishin' Hole

by Mike Wilson

"Meet Me At The Fishin' Hole" is a party song in a country flavor. The setting is a warm summer evening in the South. The form is a little tricky, so look and listen before teaching your kids. It all starts with a banjo and guitar which is all you get under the vocals for the first verse. A big reverse snare drum leads you into the vamp with stomps and claps. One more verse (bar 15), then the bridge takes you into a 2-beat feel. After the next verse (bar 33), you'll get a verse worth of fiddles, piano, and guitar playing the melody (repeat of bar 33). Meanwhile, you'll be stompin' and clappin' while singing the part 2 "Whoa." From there you'll get another bridge (bar 25 on the D.S.) and on to the big last verse (bar 33 the last time). This one gets part 1 lyrics, part 2 "Whoa's" along with stomps and claps! Jump to the coda and it ends with a cool little vocal slide up to the last note. It may take just a little bit of work to get everyone to slide at the same time.

About that vocal approach: You gotta bring your A game in terms of energy on this one. If you try to sing it nicely and smoothly, it won't come off. The song is "wordy" but the lyrics are fun, so over enunciate as best you can. This will add some of that needed energy. As previously stated, this is a party song so try to drag your audience in with the stomping and clapping. You want everyone to feel like they're in that meadow among the cypress trees, with a sweet iced tea in their hands!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.