Welcome To Music Class

by Dan Thieman

"Welcome To Music Class" is a fun song to help kick off the school year! With a strong rock feel and a touch of attitude, this song is sure to get your students' attention. While the song does sneak in some melody and harmony for the vocals to sing in the introduction, the focus is on the stomping and clapping.

The rhythms of the stomps and claps will likely provide a bit of a challenge, but with a little practice, they will sound very effective. For those who have them, consider stomping on risers – safely – for a louder, more resonant sound. If singing, clapping, and stomping is too much to coordinate, you could divide the students into groups – one for the singing and another for the stomping and clapping.

The written rhythms for the stomps and claps are also optional. Feel free to adapt as you need to. You could make your own rhythms, or ask your students to make their own. Or you could simplify and use only one pattern throughout the song. The pattern in measures 17-18 is simpler than measures 9-10, and the pattern in measures 25-26 is the simplest. Whether you choose to perform it as is, or alter it to fit your needs, make sure you do what works best for you and your students – and have fun!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.