by Teresa & Paul Jennings

Between the catchy melody, the spoken counting, and the jazzy accompaniment, this lively swing tune helps students learn and remember that September is the ninth month of the year. And of course, it also happens to be the month when autumn begins and most kids are back in school.

The melody is fairly simple and repetitive and should be easy to pick up, especially when taught using the recording. The one thing you might want to note is that in measure 28, there is an alternate Bb in parentheses in the melody. That's just in case the high D is a little too difficult for your singers.

A month worth dancing to! - This song is a natural for adding movement. Once again, we have asked our wonderful choreographer Melissa Schott to come up with suggestions your students can learn for a performance or just for the fun of it. You will find information about her ideas which include a video and PDF tutorial on our web site for free.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.