Make A Funny Sound

by Teresa Jennings

There's no doubt that the teacher across the hall will wonder what's going on when you use this song. Specifically designed for your young ones (or your energetic older ones...), this is a very fun tune to do! It's simple and silly and gives your students the opportunity to make those funny sounds they always make anyway, but in a socially acceptable format. You will no doubt be immediately confronted with a variety of "bodily function sounds" when you begin. You may want to set down the rule that those types of sounds are not to be used - they're too easy anyway! That way you force them to be more creative. If your kids are shy, you could distribute the sound sections to several kids at a time. Of course, at the end of the tune, there is total cacophony, so prepare yourself.

Again, if you are using the tape, be sure to point out the baritone saxophone (or bari sax, as it is called in the cool world), and the very silly alto saxophone solo. You might even want to just play the version on side two of the tape for your kids so they can really hear all the nifty sounds we've thrown in.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.