Trot, Pony, Trot

by David & Anne Ellsworth

This delightful little song is all about imagination and movement. Consider using it as a break tune, activity piece, warm-up, or even as part of a unit on animals. Plan ahead and decide the route your classroom ponies will take when trotting for best results. Also think about how your ponies will trot – high knees, hands holding reins, etc. Let them make suggestions, too.

The rhythm in the song is accented by temple blocks and a rhythmic acoustic guitar throughout. It's completely about trotting around via a predetermined track, just like a little pony would do! Consider changing the action to skipping or hopping. Also, try other objects to move around besides the ones we suggest (floor, chair). Maybe think about doing this tune in your multipurpose room or gym for some room to move.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.