All In My Easter Basket

adapted/arr. by Paul Jennings

There are some songs that we don't sing much anymore because they come from a time in our history when it was just fine to sing, but today may be considered inappropriate. This tune started that way, and so we won't spend time discussing the original version. What we have produced, however, is a delightful little song that helps younger singers learn to count to ten forward and backward while singing about the goodies in their Easter baskets.

Our setting is a simple one with kids singing a familiar melody while enumerating the contents of their Easter basket in two simple verses – the first one up and the second one down. There is a little interlude between verses, and a cute tag in the ending. It is the final humorous discovery in the basket starting at bar 23 that demands more careful enunciation and precision to make sure that the audience hears and shares the fun of the tale with the singers. In rehearsing this section, slow it down first using just the words, then add the melody, and be sure that all singers are careful to sing it as correctly as they are able (depending on age, etc.). Gradually start getting faster until you are up to the tempo of the recorded tracks. Remind kids that they want to try to sing every word carefully so that it is understandable to the listener. Make sure you have the recording turned up enough for your little ones to hear well and stay with the beat.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.