I Love This Little Ol' Planet

by Teresa Jennings

This year, we thought you might appreciate a good lighthearted entry into your lineup of songs you can use for Earth Day. Of course, you can use it for any performance you like since it does not specifically say anything about Earth Day.

Set in a retro rock 'n' roll style, your singers will be twisting and bouncing along to the shuffle groove as they sing. A prominent bari sax line makes it super fun and familiar, inviting thoughts of ponytails and poodle skirts, bobby socks and cuffed blue jeans. (Not bad ideas for costuming, by the way, in case you want to really make it a show piece.)

You'll note that there are actually three vocal parts, but you can still use the song as a unison piece. In fact, we've included a unison track (track 30) in case that's helpful to you. If you would like to use parts 2 and 3, consider inviting other older students, teachers, etc., to join in. Part 3 is actually written in bass clef, making it ideal for lower, changing, and changed voices. Both parts are broken out for rehearsal purposes on our web site.

From the beginning, there are optional claps that you can use if you like. They are quite natural and easy to do, plus they add energy which makes it even more fun. Watch the music for cues when to stop clapping, too.

Twist and sing! - Clearly our choreographer, Melissa Schott, was inspired by this style as she chose it as her feature number for this issue. That makes it even more perfect for performances! You can find her lively demo video online along with a PDF of her movement notes. Use her moves as she shows them, or adapt them freely for your own situation. For example, you could showcase a couple of your more serious dancers. Let them really step out during the instrumental interlude.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.