No, No, No (I Just Say No)

by Teresa & Paul Jennings

If even one child pauses to reconsider their choices when it comes to the abuse of any substance, notably drugs, then we need to do our best to help them make the right choice. Toward this end, we have published several anti-substance abuse songs over the years and we intend to continue to add more to the repertoire to give you options to use in your own efforts. (Check out our Index, hard copy or online at, for a list of these songs to consider.)

"No, No, No" presents the argument in a jazzy format, allowing kids to swing the message in a full-throated way. Let them own it, especially at the bridge when it says, "My life, my choice. My mind, my voice. And I say no." Powerful and to the point.

We've kept the song on the simpler side so that it would be accessible for most grade levels, as you need. It's all unison and repetitive, which will hopefully allow for a more impactful reminder. The very cool big band ensemble playing the bluesy tracks on the recording doesn't hurt either.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.