Could We Still Be Friends?

by Mike Wilson

A traditional rock groove is the setting for this upper level tune with an optional second part. The message of the song merits discussion as a cross curricular activity. As we become more and more "connected," we are inundated with messages that pit us against one another. The fact is, no matter how hard media attempts to dehumanize, which is how we are able to rationalize disdain and actual hatred (if we're honest enough to admit it), every person's opinion is no less valid than the others'. Every human being has value and cannot be written off. This song is about unity, even in the face of immovable disagreement. You may not like "the way I dance," or the way I roll, but surely there is enough common ground that allows us to be friends. Let's be intentional about finding that ground.

This song needs energy to sell the message. The only real dynamics appear in the bridge, otherwise, just keep it moving and sing with passion. The bridge happens twice in the song and though part 1 can stand on its own, the optional part 2 is a nice support. A little swell on the first note of each line sets up each phrase, so make sure to work it. Clapping starts at the breakdown verse after the second bridge. As you've probably experienced, there is always a tendency to rush. Fight the temptation!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.