Be The Bee

by Mike Wilson

Have you ever given much thought to bees? I mean, other than worrying about getting stung, we should really give them credit for their lifestyle. In fact they have character traits we would do well to emulate. Consider these: They are very industrious. Now I doubt we could ever spend the same percentage of our lives working as they do, but imagine what we might achieve if we followed their example of hard work – and willingly! Also, they spend their time looking for beautiful things, as in, flowers! Imagine how happy we might be if we looked for good in everything and everyone around us. Consider, too, that bees work for the common welfare of the hive. They need and serve each other and understand their very survival depends upon it. And best of all, just think about what they spend their lives making – honey – something delicious and beneficial to the whole world. Convinced?

"Be The Bee" is a short little primary tune that is fun, kinda silly, and easy for your youngest choirs. The lyrics are certainly easy to memorize! The kids get to buzz like bees in the interludes, the first time buzzing along with the I and V chords, and repeating the same in the second interlude, but this time adding random buzzing to finish out the song. If you have a box of kazoos you might even break them out for the buzzing sections. - MW

Buzzing along in art class, too - If you'd like to add an artistic extension to this tune, consider having students make their own bees using artist Kristyn's Johnson's craft template. You'll find it along with her video tutorial on our web site for free.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.