What's In That Stocking?

by Teresa & Paul Jennings

Every holiday program should include at least one tune that features your very youngest students. This sweet little song might be just the thing you're looking for this year. It poses the question, "What's in that stocking?," which every kid has surely wondered at one time or another. In this case, a bit of speculation ensues, calling on vivid imaginations and a spirit of wonderment. Of course, the inability to contain their curiosity also leads to the final decision, "Let's peek!"

For performance, hang a few stockings in a highly visible place. Make them oversize or use a lot of them or decorate around them with strings of lights, etc., to make a bigger deal of them. (Great idea: Have the kids make their own stockings with the help of the art teacher as an extension to this song.)

To up the "awww" factor even more - Consider adding a few simple movements to this song. Here are some suggestions:

  • What's in that stocking? - point at stockings
  • What could it be? - shrug shoulders
  • I have a feeling - tap index finger on chin
  • it's something for me! - point to self with thumbs

Pause movements during the bridge, repeat verse movements, then in the coda:

  • There's just one way to find out what's inside... - hold up one finger
  • Let's peek! - make pretend glasses with fingers

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.