Keep It Light

by David & Anne Ellsworth

When their children were younger, Anne tells us, their family made it a point during the holidays to go on an evening outing to see homes decorated with light. It was always so much fun! The beauty and symbolic nature of the lights during the season are so magical, it's no wonder we all want to see them keep shining. In fact, we want the whole world to enjoy them and celebrate, too.

The song "Keep It Light" not only touches on the wonder of the lights, it is also a practice in legato or smooth singing for your youngest voices. Students sing half, dotted half, and quarter notes with a bouncing tuba, a variety of auxiliary percussion, and a few synth voices to accompany them. The kids sing the song's request to "Please keep it light" in the verse. The chorus describes the glow of the lights at night and how they wish to see them shine while it's dark out, "until morning light." The song is simple and repetitive for ease of memorization for young singers. Be sure to have your performance area decked out with your own lights sparkling as kids sing.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.