Back To School

by John Riggio

You asked for it, and we delivered! We've had requests in recent surveys for a new back to school song, so here it is! (Keep those great survey ideas coming!)

Great for a beginning-of-year rally or assembly, "Back To School" is an upbeat, happy tune that aims to get your kiddos excited about the new school year. Learning can be fun if we make it fun, so this tune is good for kids who might be struggling with leaving the joys of summer vacation behind as well as those who are already enthusiastic about school. Remind students that learning helps us to succeed, to excel, and someday, when they grow up and want to get a great job, they will be glad they put the effort in during these formative years.

As you can hear on our exceptional recording, the tune should be sung with energy, and the section beginning with measure 13 should be more legato. The chorus at measure 21 could even be sung with a bit of accent on the quarter notes.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.