Step Back

by David & Anne Ellsworth

This primary song has a funky groove that your children will love. Your singers speak the question in rhythm, "Do you want to step back?," meaning, "Do you want to try this cool walking backwards activity?" And then kids respond in the first verse with uncertain feelings on the topic. The chorus is an encouraging chant for timid steppers, which then leads to more confident responses in the second verse. By the time they are on the third verse, everyone is not just willing, but ready to go!

We recommend trying the "step back" activity in a wide open space and making small steps on half notes (every two beats). Easy does it for safety sake! Maybe choose a set number of steppers and take turns. Once they get the hang of it, try variations, such as a slow motion relay race with stepping backwards being one of the actions. In her classroom, Anne says they tried it with clapping on the offbeats and making small circles as they "stepped back." The kids loved it!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.