We Share This World

by Karl Hitzemann

"We share this world, finding peace is the key. Diff'rences we can work through." The message of this song is simple – no matter what our differences and opinions are, we're all on this globe together. So, trying to understand and/or tolerate someone who thinks differently is paramount to our existence. It's a difficult concept, but one worth bringing up when and where we can.

The song itself is somewhat pensive and hauntingly beautiful. It would work well for the International Day of Peace (which falls on September 21, and is sometimes referred to as World Peace Day), but it can be used in any similar way, as it does not mention this particular occasion by name.

There is a second vocal part that is throughout the entire song. It is optional, of course, but it really adds to the performance. Actually, this work is an ideal first 2-part opportunity for a young choir because the second part isn't too difficult. On our web site, you will find an isolated part 2 rehearsal track that will help your choir learn that part. (See box on page 78 for details.)

The recorded orchestral accompaniment is very moving and sounds amazing, but you could also have an accompanist play the provided piano part. Either option will have a tremendous impact. Notice that the song has tempo fluctuations throughout the piece. They feel very natural and will be picked up easily by your choir once they have heard the recording a few times (or work with an accompanist). They are also clearly marked in the score.

This piece would provide a nice opportunity to use candles, or better yet, artificial candles such as Kandle LightsTM. (If you are interested, we offer Kandle LightsTM through our Music K-8 MARKETPLACE catalog or online at MusicK8.com) Start with lighting just one or two at the beginning and keep lighting them as the song builds. Once they are all lit, keep them that way to the end of the piece. It will be a very meaningful moment in your concert.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.