Something I'd Like To Say

by Teresa Jennings

Have you ever heard of foley artists? They're the ones who get to make films, videos, movies, and just about anything recorded come to life with sound effects. Think of all the unique sounds we have come to associate with pop culture, specifically because of the sounds we hear. No really. Think about it. In fact, make it a class discussion or event to come up with all the various types of sounds that most of us can connect to a source in a movie, for example. Since we've been talking about the respective anniversaries of Star Trek (50 years in 2016) and Star Wars (40 years in 2017) in recent times, there is a bounty of sound that those two science fiction icons alone have given us. What is the sound of the transporter on the Enterprise? Luke Skywalker's light saber? You can hear it in your head, can't you? Well, this little song, simple as it is, is one way for your own students to venture into the world of creating their own sound effects, too. Mind you, most sound effects you hear in movies are not created with mouth sounds. But those are the ready tools kids have to work with, and you might be surprised at what they can come up with just "saying" their sounds.

In the song, the group sings a little, then someone gets to create a solo sound. These are indicated on the music. Ideally, the sounds would fall in between the sung bits, but they are ad libbing, so don't be too rigid. You'll note some are a little longer, others shorter. Point that out to your "artists," and watch them tailor their efforts accordingly. The point is to have fun and let them use their imaginations. Though we do recommend discussing the use of "rude" sounds beforehand, lest that become a problem. Set gentle limits. The kids on our recording provide examples of what could be done, but we're betting your kids will be able to dream up lots more, especially if you give them time to consider.

In case you're someone who likes to use our full performance recording with your students, we have created one that includes just the singing, but no sound effects. You can find it on our web site.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.