I Won't Do Drugs

by Teresa Jennings

Kids need all the help they can get when it comes to peer pressure and substance abuse. Even if your school doesn't have an official D.A.R.E. or other similar program, you may find yourself in a unique position to discuss and offer wisdom around this delicate issue through the ever-powerful medium of music. We're not suggesting a song can conquer a students' problems and keep them from doing something foolish, but you just never know. We've heard a lot of stories over the years of how music can and does make a difference to some kids. Isn't it worth the effort on our part to try?

The song "I Won't Do Drugs" is self-explanatory and set in a contemporary style that will hopefully engage students easily. Invite singing with a relaxed, pop-style voice. And be sure you have the volume up on your audio so singers can hear the tracks and stay with the groove. (Especially young kids often rush this type of piece. See if you can get them to focus on the beat to stay in the pocket, tempo-wise.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.