It's Been A Good Day

by Teresa Jennings

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This mellow tune is a sweet way to bid farewell and say goodbye to a particularly nice day. Festival? Outing? Sporting event? Celebration? Just a run-of-the-mill normal day of making music in school? Whatever reason you have to express gratitude for the day that has now come to an end, this song will add just the right final touch.

Acoustic guitars, including nylon fills and ad libs, plus jazz electric guitars add to the relaxed vibe of the piece, as do all the light Latin percussion instruments. This is one of those songs that is easy enough to be used as a unison piece with a few interesting, not insurmountable challenges, yet sophisticated enough to appeal to older singers as well. This is evidenced by the part 2 and 3 vocal lines, which are optional, but oh-so-nice if you can incorporate them. As always, we suggest using older kids or even adults for parts like these if you want to use them but your regular choir or classroom singers aren't quite capable yet. To help in any event, we have isolated both parts and put them on our web site for learning purposes. We have also isolated an a cappella version that may inspire your group to do the song this way instead. It's very tasty.

An optional unison version of the song is on the recording for this issue, track 30. The extras are available at our web site.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.