Saucer Toss

by David & Anne Ellsworth

A saucer, or flying disc (aka Frisbee®), is one of our favorite summer toys! On a warm day, playing on the lawn, throwing a saucer to each other is one of our fondest summer memories. Sometimes we put on our bathing suits and played through the sprinkler. With friends joining in, and a happy dog or two... got the feeling yet?

Our song for this issue tells the singers and listeners how to throw a saucer and what it does: Use your wrist, make it glide! The verse is the action, so throw it to the beat if you can. Not mandatory, especially for very young kids, but a nice challenge that keeps the music in focus, too.

Obviously, you'll want to use this song in a safe space outdoors or in a large space if you're using actual flying discs. Anne did it this way: When I tried it out on my four-year old class, we first talked about what a flying disc was. We watched a brief video and then pretended to throw one in the room. When I played the song, they were ready to come up with other actions, like alternating bending at the knees and tossing the disc. During the chorus, they put their arms out like they were gliding and leaned from side to side, just like the saucer does in flight. Great imaginations!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.