V For Valentine

by Teresa & Paul Jennings

How do you spell valentine? Easily when you use this happy-go-lucky little swing tune! It's perfect as a feature for your Valentine's Day performances or even just in the classroom for a valentine card exchange, celebration, or party. Despite its sophistication, it is actually a pretty simple song. And yes, it really does help teach the spelling of "valentine!"

To add a touch of pizzazz, you could let singers do a bit of finger snapping on beats 2 and 4 (the standard for a swing tune). You could also add a couple of hand movements or gestures here and there. For example, making a "V" with fingers at the end. Or, as noted in bar 18, make the heart symbol. That is, place hands over the chest. Press the knuckles of four bent fingers together forming the top of the "heart." Then touch thumb tips together to make the bottom point.

Valentine moves! - Of course, if you want to seriously add zip to your performance, consider adding full-blown choreography! Melissa Schott has once again created a dance you can use just as it is or adapt to make it easier, harder, or whatever you like. A video recording of her movement ideas as well as a PDF of her teaching notes can be downloaded for free from our web site.

One other note: The jazz band on the recording will help your singers feel the swinging triplet undercurrent of the eighth notes, so be sure you have the volume turned well up. Happy Valentine's Day!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.