One Snowman, Two

by Teresa Jennings

This short and lively tune will give you a chance to let your youngsters shake off the winter blues with singing, movement, and a bit of percussive fun. The lyrics are super simple and could even be sung by your youngest students. (They're also a great reinforcement for kids learning to count to ten.) At measure 13, there is an eight measure percussion interlude for cowbells and shakers. The rhythms are written on the music and are basic, but effective. Cowbells only play quarter notes; shakers only play eighth notes. You can change that up any way you like, making it more difficult or easier. You could also add other instruments, such as guiros or triangles. Let students help to decide what rhythms they should play, if you do. Or, you could ignore everything written and just let players ad lib their rhythms. This might be most effective with the young kids who are likely to ad lib anyway.

If they or you find the beat too enticing to hear without moving, that's totally fine. Suggest movements everyone can do, like bouncing shoulders while singing, swaying or marching while playing percussion, etc. Or, once again, let them move freely. But give them guidelines for safety. You don't want anyone being accidentally bumped with a maraca. (Perhaps movement is an either/or option for those playing instruments.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.