Sing Us A Song

by Karl Hitzemann

This song offers a rare and unique opportunity. First, it's a 3-part song that, when done correctly, will sound really nice and impress the audience. Second, (this is the rare and unique part) it offers your singers the chance to sing really badly – on purpose, of course.

Basically, the tune tells the tale of a music class that wanders in on a Monday morning, all set to learn a brand new song. When it comes time for them to sing the song for the first time (the chorus at measure 41) they do a rather stunningly bad job. The second time, it sounds a little better, and the third time is the charm. All voices come together in perfect harmony. You could probably do this as a 2-part or in unison, but it would be much more effective if you could get all three parts going. You will hear a wonderful demonstration of how it should go on the performance track. (See details on page 68 for accessing the separated parts 2 and 3.)

The style and accompaniment just might sound a bit familiar to you. It is somewhat reminiscent of a popular song from the '70s. We're guessing you might appreciate it.

Definitely have a lot of fun with this one and really play it up. It would make for a terrific opener or closer for just about any program. Also, since the concept centers around a music class, it would give you an occasion to talk about your music program and how important music is in a child's education.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.