by Mike Wilson

Riding the wave of comic book hero movies, we present "Superhero (Only Love Can Save Us Now!)." Though comic book heroes are fiction, there's nothing make believe about conflict and tension in all levels of life... from the playground, to the political scene, to unrest on a global scale. And it seems that social and news media only feed the fires, pitting us against one another, using our personal beliefs and choices as fuel. Can this enemy be thwarted? Is there a power that can actually save the world? YES! And that's the subject (and subtitle) of this song.

You will need to really bring out the energy in the vocal treatment of this 2-part (optional), upbeat rock tune. Make it a hushed kind of intensity on the verses, building a bit on the bridge, then full out on the chorus as it goes into a major feel. The energy peaks on the tag line of each chorus "Only love can save us now!" Our recording vocalists did a fantastic job of it so use them as the example. (See details on page 68 for accessing the rehearsal tracks for part 2.)

We didn't record any claps on the demo. With two parts, that may be enough for your kids. But if your kids can handle it, you might consider adding claps on beats 2 and 4 of the choruses.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.