My Toes Just Have To Tap

by Teresa & Paul Jennings

Here's a very simple, short song to use for a tap dance feature. It's even easy enough for youngsters to tap along. We have indicated some tap rhythms on the music, but of course, you can alter those as you like. There is an alternate accompaniment track online with no taps in case you prefer a "blank slate" to work with. Also online, there is a full performance version that features our choreographer Melissa Schott doing a bit of fancy footwork during the solo section. It's really just for inspiration, but we thought you might enjoy sharing with your own dancers. (We hadn't told her we'd be doing this song before she came to the studio. But she just happened to have her tap shoes with her in the car, which she says she pretty much always does. How's that for dedication?)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.