Intentional Life

by Mike Wilson

Set in a country rock style, "Intentional Life" is a character song about making your life count for something more than your own self-gratification. Now, that's a big subject for youth, but it sure merits discussion while values and life patterns are being developed. And what better way to let those lessons sink in than through singing them!

This piece incorporates two vocal parts. The melody range on both parts is from B below middle C to C# a ninth above. Part 2 enters at the first chorus and lives below the melody line until the ending starting at measure 45. For teaching purposes, part 2 has been isolated and made available on our web site. The melody in this style anticipates most of the beats which gives it more energy. And an energetic approach is the key to selling this song. Since it's a rock tune, feel free to stylize as you like. Some scoops are marked but let your group bring its own personality to it. The claps are important as well. They happen in the intro, bars 29-32, and the ending.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.