Kick It Up A Notch

by Teresa Jennings

While this tune would work very well as part of a general concert or performance, you might find it's just the ticket for providing a gratifying musical motivator right in the classroom. Or perhaps you'll want to use it to get your students fired up for an event, such as a competition or even testing. However you use it, you will appreciate its high energy and positive message.

We definitely recommend using the Performance/Accompaniment recording for this one, as it is quite decent. Rock and funk blend together with a solid rhythm groove and tight horn band – not exactly something that can be imitated with piano alone!

Boys, too! - Even though you will see that there are two vocal parts technically, and that the second one is in bass clef, don't panic. It's the same part, only in octaves, except for a few notes during the chorus that are identical due to the range. This way, your lower, changing, and changed voices (a.k.a., boys) can sing along with confidence, too. Be sure to turn the volume way up to help keep that confidence high.

Kick it up for real! - This is a song that just feels good to listen to and makes you want to move. With that in mind, Melissa Schott, has created some awesome steps to plug in. You can do exactly what she suggests, or as always, you can alter and adapt in any way that works for your dancers. You will find her video and teaching notes on our web site. (See details in the box on page 63.) If doing choreography is too much, you can still add a little spice to the piece visually by using the hand claps indicated on the music in bar 1. Stop the claps during the chorus (measures 25-32) and resume on the D.C. to mix it up a little.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.