Our Animal Friends

by Teresa Jennings

This high energy feel-good song is a perfect way to end the revue. Though we should mention that, like all of the songs in the revue, it can also be used in other contexts. Any time you just want to celebrate the animal kingdom in general, this will do it! It's very catchy and easy to remember with a minimum of lyrics to learn.

Even the listing of animal names that begins at measure 27 isn't too challenging for memorizing because each name can be spoken by a different person or group. On the recording, we chose to represent it with one soloist per animal, basically going around the room giving each person a chance to participate. Of course, since it's alphabetical, there are only 26 names, so bear that in mind with your own head count of performers you want to include. Maybe double or triple some up to cover it. Another approach would be to divide your group in two (or three, or four, etc.) and have them go back and forth with the names. So group 1 says "Alligator." Group 2 says "buffalo," and so forth.

At the coda, the song breaks into two parts. The second part is optional, but it's pretty easy. It's almost an echo at first, but not quite. Be sure singers pay attention to the differences! You will find rehearsal tracks on our web site to help you teach it.

Once more, a visual presentation of animals would be appropriate in this song, notably because it is the finale. Some options might include a slide show, photos, drawings, posters, puppets, toys, or even costumed students (teachers, parents, local celebrities, to name a few). Real animals are also a possibility, but be certain to check with your school's policies before deciding to include them. While they could definitely be a lot of fun, odds are they won't stick to your script!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.