My Dad

by John Riggio

There are a few holidays that we don't usually get to celebrate during the average school year, like Independence Day, National Lasagna Day, and of course, Father's Day. And while all of these holidays are worth celebrating (especially Lasagna Day), in this issue we're focusing on Father's Day. "My Dad" is an homage to the man who is at the top of many of our lists as the best guy around. He's encouraging, selfless, and for a lot of us, a personal hero. We love our dads!

The song is upbeat, with a simple melody and a great message. It's very singable for classes of all ages. For the best effect, be sure singers add the crescendo at measure 13 as indicated on the music.

Of course, the best way to perform this song is with an audience full of dads, whether it's Father's Day or not. So be sure to invite them!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.