My Amigos

by Teresa Jennings

Infectious. That's what comes to mind when we think of this short, simple tune. Go ahead and listen to it and see if you can shake it. Not easy, is it?

The beauty of this piece is its transparency and unique juxtaposition of elements. Tuba, castanets, electronic kick drum, pizzicato strings, guiro, solo Spanish guitar... really fun stuff. Add saxes that double the vocals and a few funky pops from the horn band, and now it's really entered into the "cool" zone.

The vocal parts are very easy, but should be sung stylistically as demonstrated on the recording. Besides the exaggerated scoops that are indicated on the music, we had singers adopt a relaxed, almost lazy articulation. Not so much that words are not clear – just enough to add a bit of attitude. And while part 2 is technically optional, your older singers will consider it essential to the overall flavor of the song. (Plus, it's basic enough that we did not consider it necessary to create a rehearsal web track for it.)

The use of simple, well-known Spanish words mixed with mostly English lyrics should be comfortable enough for most singers. But we do feel that it's more appropriate for older kids in general. Toward that end, we have asked our choreographer, Melissa Schott, to create some dance moves to go along with it. You can see what she has come up with on the free choreography video that goes with this song. (See page 62 for details.) As always, you are encouraged to alter or adapt freely to make it work with your students.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.