Rock The Holly

by Teresa Jennings

What a great way to liven up your holiday performance! We'll bet your audience will even get in on the act, if not singing along, certainly clapping along. Maybe even dancing along! The retro rockabilly style is oh-so-fun and oh-so-familiar, too. Be sure your singers get into the spirit of it with their vocal stylings. They're marked on the music, but listening to our singers on the recording will help as well.

You'll note we have an optional background vocal part for this song. This is great for older kids, or even teachers, parents, friends, whoever wants to get in on the act. We have isolated rehearsal tracks for these at our web site. We call them part 2 and part 3 even though they're printed together on the music. We figured you would appreciate the separation for learning purposes.

Also on our web site, we have a unison version and a 2-part version of this song in case either of these make more sense for you and your students.

Rock your tootsies, too! - Once again, you can find some terrific ideas to add movement to your performance if you like, thanks to the creative talents of our choreographer, Melissa Schott. As usual, she has recorded a video with her troupe of young dancers that includes a full demonstration, as well as step-by-step instruction. She has also put together some teaching notes to help you, which you will find as a downloadable PDF. She suggests, as always, that you alter or adapt her ideas in any way that work better for your own dancers.

To access all of the extras mentioned for this song, visit our web site,

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.