We Love Our Grandparents

by John Riggio

A wise person learns from the experiences of others. National Grandparents Day is a wonderful time to reach out to the elderly, to learn from their wisdom, and honor them for their contributions to the world. And since we're Plank Road Publishing, we want to honor them with a song! "We Love Our Grandparents" is a high-energy, four-on-the-floor trance tune with simple, repetitive lyrics for your students to share how they feel about their grandparents.

If your school is having a day to honor grandparents, this tune would be a great pick. Another idea would be to take the show on the road, and share this song (and others) in a nursing home. You could encourage students to talk to grandparents, asking them questions about their lives, and learning from their stories. You never know how you might encourage someone with music and a few kind words.

As an extension of this song, consider having your young students make Grandparents Day cards. To help you out, artist Kristyn Johnson has created a tutorial you can follow or just use as a point of departure for your own ideas. You will find a PDF of this on our web site. (See details on page 75.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.