Just For Fun!

by Teresa Jennings/arr. Paul Jennings

We begin the school year once more – for our 25th time! – with a musical revue you can perform with your whole school, or just with one or more select classes, as you prefer. In this first issue (September/October 2014), you will find the first few songs of the revue. The remaining songs, script, teacher's guide and other extras will be found in the third issue of this year (January/February 2015).

As we hope you can readily tell by the title of the revue, this year's topic is humor. While we will provide you with fun, funny, lighthearted music, we also encourage you to invite your students to add their own creative elements as well.

The opening song, "Just For Fun!" shares its name with the revue. It sets the tone in a lively swing style that's fun to sing, but also filled with whimsy, courtesy of the many comedic sound effects. (Note: If you prefer not to have the sound effects so that you can add your own, or if you just prefer it this way, we have created an accompaniment track version that does not include them. You will find it at the end of the CD/recording, track 34.)

Fun and Easy! - The song is entirely in unison with a couple of optional solo moments, so in that regard, it's pretty easy to learn. Take a look at the section at measure 11 ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the form though. On the D.S., the kids use the second staff – verses 3 and 4 – while the jazz band takes over the melody. There are "answers" to what the band plays, as you can see on the music. Listen to the full performance version on the Performance/Accompaniment recording to hear how it all gels and it will seem clear. Share this version with your students as well so they can hear the details, like how to sing "Wa wa wa wa wa!" or "Da dot da dot dot dot!"

Movement! - To make the song extra special, consider adding movement to it. Our wonderful choreographer, Melissa Schott, has created some exciting dance moves you can teach your students to do. As always, she suggests altering and adapting any of the movement to suit your situation more appropriately. A PDF of her detailed instructions are included along with the free downloadable video. (See details on page 75.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.