All We're Meant To Be

by Steven Vogel

For years we have been publishing the songs of teacher Steven Vogel in our Network section. In fact, we have quite a library of his music still in the queue waiting to be published. We think that Steven's work is just marvelous, especially the tunes he writes and customizes for his graduating classes every year. So, we have decided to develop his music further, actually orchestrating and recording it as part of the audio portion of Music K-8. We think his first effort here is very nice, and we hope you agree. Welcome, Steven!

The song "All We're Meant To Be" is one that could be used with a variety of grade levels. It even works with your youngest, especially if you use the full recording as reinforcement. The melody is simple, memorable, and singable, as are the lyrics.

The sentiment is self-explanatory, and while it could be used for a graduation or moving forward occasion, it could also be used for motivation and encouraging self-confidence. (Note: Contributor Carol Cantrell was so taken with the words, she chose to quote Steven in her article in this issue. See "Ringing Changes" on page 68.)

Besides being a poetic, talented songwriter, Steven is also a pianist. So you will find his accompaniment quite playable in case you prefer to use this piece live. Of course, we think the full orchestra accompaniment on the recording is very nice, too. Special thanks to orchestrator Dan Thieman for his wonderful work with this.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.