Thanksgiving Rap

by Teresa Jennings

Obviously geared for this time of year, this rap/song is wordy, but slow enough to get it all in comfortably. If using the P/A cassette, be sure to note the bass player who is doing some very contemporary things over an equally contemporary rhythm/brass/ synthesizer background.

Again, you will see that there is an optional second part in a lower range. It is exactly one octave below the normal range. You can use it similarly to the second part in "Down To The Bone," including bringing in adult VIPs to sing, too.

If you are using this in performance, make the most of the humor and ham it up for your audience! You might want to add some pantomime, a mini-skit to portray the action, or some other type of choreography to enhance the performance. Your students won't have any problem moving to this one, either. Let them help you with ideas for action.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.