Give Me A Sign (with sign Language)

by Teresa Jennings

This sweet, simple song is designed to use with sign language. The signs for some words appear with the lyrics on page 23, and the alphabet is on page 22. If you want to add other signs, there are many good reference books available. There is also more information on signing in other places in this issue. (Refer to the Table of Contents for help.)

Because of it's gentle nature, this song would work well in a holiday program. The beginning and ending are optional solo parts, which you can assign to one, two, or a few singers. If you do use a soloist, a young child is better for maximum emotional impact.

If you are using the P/A Cassette, you will hear a violin soloist, along with a flute soloist, playing throughout the piece. Point these solos out to your students, and teach them to identify them.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.