Spring Thing

by John Riggio

Here's a happy and poetic tune to kick off your spring season! "Spring Thing" paints a picture of the world outside come to life after the winter months. It has a lovely melody that is very syncopated, which you may find a bit challenging for younger singers. The good news is that we've included an alto sax playing the melody line for reinforcement. And of course, you can always have your kids sing along with ours on the recording. They offer a pleasant, solid example to follow or lean on, as you prefer.

Speaking of the recording, while a capable pianist could probably play the piano part live for a performance, you would miss out on some of the excellent and tasty playing you hear by our studio musicians. Clearly, fusion is a style they do well! And it lends itself so nicely to that happy feeling which is just perfect for the season. Add it to your spring concert this year, and watch your audience smile.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.