When You Eat A Chocolate Bunny

by Teresa Jennings

If anyone has any doubts about the proper way to eat a chocolate bunny, this song will clear up any confusion. Written for your youngest singers, it first asks the question, and then firmly provides the answer. Set in a simple, bouncy style, kids will find it easy to learn and sing along with. So easy, in fact, that they will want to include the movement suggestions, which you will find on the piano/vocal score. These are super basic to be accessible to just about any performer, but you are welcome to change them however you like. For example, when the singers make bunny ears with their hands, you could have them "wiggle their ears" to the beat, too.

Another natural use of the song includes props, specifically actual chocolate bunnies. You should probably leave them in their package if they are real, lest you have a melting, sticky mess on your hands (literally). Or you could use paper cut-out chocolate bunnies, perhaps mounted on craft sticks. Kids could draw their own bunnies, or you could give them a template that they could then color and customize. In a performance, they could have their bunnies dance around (freely or planned in advance). Or you could just display the bunnies while kids do the movement with the song. However it goes, no one will leave the auditorium without a clear understanding of the chocolate bunny nibbling process.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.