Hail To The Presidents

by Teresa Jennings

Teachers often ask us to create songs that teach as well as entertain. History is a favorite topic to bring across the curriculum. It's especially nice when it corresponds with a holiday, such as Presidents' Day, which occurs in February. This simple song teaches a few generalities about the presidency, including George Washington's role as the first.

Set in a patriotic march style, the tune goes from full ensemble concert march to a sparse historical march with a bit of a "fife and drum" backdrop. This lighter accompaniment occurs during the verses when the words are more complex and need to be heard and understood more clearly. When the students are singing the chorus "Hail to the presidents," there is no concern that the orchestration might drown them out, especially if they sing with the appropriate gusto.

As with all cross curricular pieces, we recommend you let your regular classroom teachers know you have this piece ready to share. A coordinated effort to supplement a teaching unit will serve you and the students well.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.